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About Us


Since 1985, we have stood by our credo of value and quality. Since then, while achieving various milestones in the organization, we have never let quality go out of our focus.
We maintain our focus as the premier manufacturer/provider of quality water purification systems in every category that we operate. We aim to consistently provide our valued customers with the highest quality products and highest level of services.
Three things characterize us-leadership in quality, our commitment to innovation and our passion to deliver exceptional value.

Our Products

SPRING FRESH offers a wide range of water treatment products to offer complete solutions to every segment of the market.

For homes: Water Filters, Shower Filters, Water Softeners, Iron Removers, Carbon filters, Ultra-Violet based purifiers, Reverse Osmsosis Systems

Whole House systems including Filters, Water Softeners, Carbon Filters, Iron Removers, UV Sterilisers

Commercial Systems including filters, Softeners, Large Reverse Osmosis Systems, Distillers, Demineralisers


The above equipment is designed using the best components all over the world to offer to you an ideal equipment to give effective performance in the years ahead.

Our Promise

Enjoy Crisp Clean Refreshing Drinking Water for Your Healthy Lifestyle.

When you choose an SPRINGFRESH Water Treatments, you’ll get the absolute best water filter system for your needs from a company that values your business and will go above and beyond to ensure your full satisfaction.



Built in INDIA

Not only can you feel good knowing that SPRINGFRESH Water Treatments gives Indians good-paying jobs, but you can also be certain that we carefully monitor each step in the manufacturing process because we produce our filtration systems locally.




Quality Guaranteed

At SPRINGFRESH, we believe that the best water filters start with the best materials. That’s why we only use components that is certified by the International Organisation for Standardisation.

Before a water filtration system leaves our facility, we test it to ensure that it meets our high quality standards. This extra step ensures that you receive a filtration system in the best possible condition.

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