Protecting your family from the contaminants found in much of the nation’s water supply doesn’t have to mean a huge investment. The Three Stage Countertop Drinking Water Filter with Sediment filter, GAC and UV purification is a cost effective solution that removes sand, dust and other sediments from the water. The GAC filter greatly reduces chlorine, chloramine, VOCs, THMs, benzene, radon, industrial solvents and other chemicals. The UV lamp kills the bacteria and viruses in the water without costing more than those inconvenient water filter pitchers! Easy to place right on your counter and fill with water. Wet testing is performed to ensure that the filter works as promised, and it’s fully sanitized before boxing to ensure your safety. All of the hardware needed for installation is included for your convenience, and getting the system set up is a simple task.


  • Removes mechanical impurities and Sediments like sand, dirt, dust, rust and scale. 

  • Removes Chlorine, Industrial Chemicals, Radon and many more harmful contaminants in your drinking water.

  • Kills all bacteria and virus to ensure safe drinking water.

  • Made from high performance components and media. Individually wet tested and Sanitized.

  • Easily connects to any standard faucet. All hardware included.

  • Each system individually tested and sanitized.

  • Filter cartridge life: approximately 750 Gallons. *

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